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"All your podcasts are so insightful, helpful and informative, keep it up Sean & Co!"
— Anna Rot, listener since 2021

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SE Dons: Learning Dark Arts develops Football IQ

Join us on a journey with SE Dons as they discuss how learning dark arts develops football IQ! Get ready for an inside look at the Sunday League football team that's changing the game. Don't forget to subscribe for more exciting episodes like this!

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Frank Lampard - I Was The RESULT Of My Dad's Project Lampard | Project Footballer

In this episode, we speak to Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, one of the Premier League's most legendary midfielders. From early childhood training under his father's watchful eye to becoming a football icon, Lampard shares personal anecdotes and insights that shaped his career. Discover the intense and unique training methods that set him apart from an early age, the motivations and expectations placed upon him before he was even born, and how these experiences influenced his approach to football and life. Lampard also reflects on the evolution of football training, the challenges of youth development, and his philosophy on coaching and parenting in the modern era.

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Eric Friedlander - Ricfit: Becoming a Professional Footballer Without an Academy FULL PODCAST

In this episode, we speak to youth mentor Eric Friedlander, Eric shares his personal journey from a young footballer to becoming a mentor and big brother figure for aspiring players. Gain valuable knowledge on navigating the challenges of youth football, developing essential skills beyond the pitch, and shaping a successful career in the sport.

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Project Footballer is an ambitious audio and video series that aims to explore the mysterious and wonderful journey of youth football development. It is hosted by Sean Conlon, the CEO of We Make Footballers, and professional coach Marcelo Graca who between them have over 30 years of coaching experience and have helped over 300 children enter academy football.

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